Welcome to St. Moritz, the oldest ski station in the world. Enjoy your vacation in the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps: the cradle of winter tourism.
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Activities in St. Moritz Switzerland

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Skydive at 5200m

Activity. St. Moritz.

Prepaeration and requirements You do not need any prior knowledge for a tandem skydive. Your experienced tandem master explains the jump process and the parachute material. Afterwards you will be equipped for your jump. You should be at least 1.4 meters tall and have a maximum weight from 100 kg. In addition, you should have no problems with the back, neck, shoulders or pressure equalization. Climb to 5200 meters With our aircraft, a Cessna 208 Supervan, it takes about 12 minutes to get to the jumping altitude. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Engadine. Your tandem master explains agian the procedure and then it's time to jump... The Skydive The door opens and you, strapped to your tandems,... [ More information ]

Delta Hang-glider Paraglider

Activity. St. Moritz.

Process Launch pad “Corviglia” Top station downhill side, with or without skis Starts always to a full hour (10.00-16-00) Landing: on the frozen lake (next to the boat house) A car will bring you back trough the village St. Moritz.   Duration The guest is back in the ski region within an hour. Mere flight duration is ca. 10 min. Vertical hight is ca. 700 m   Season Christmas - Eastern By helicopter to the Corvatsch station - by hang-glider back to the valley. Flights in other areas on request. Group events on request. What is a Delta/Hang-glider? What is a Paraglider? The Delta is comparable... [ More information ]

Bernina Express

Activity. St. Moritz.

Experience one of the most spectacular ways to cross the Alps: The Albula and Bernina lines connect northern and southern Europe. A high-point of the ride is the panoramic view from the Bernina Express, as it passes mighty glaciers on its descent to a land of swaying palms. On the highest railway tracks in Europe and the steepest in the world, the Bernina Express takes its passengers on a unique journey through 55 tunnels and over 196 bridges. From Switzerland’s oldest town through wildly romantic gorges, past spectacular man-made structures, up to the eternal ice of the glaciers and back down to the palm trees in the Italian town of Tirano: no other Alpine crossing is so spectacular. The modern... [ More information ]

Olympic Bob Run

Activity. St. Moritz.

Bobsleigh is a very important sport for St. Moritz, as it was here that this fascinating winter olympic sport was invented, at the end of the nineteenth century. Olympic bobsleigh run in St. Moritz / Celerina was inaugurated in the year 1904, and it is the world’s only ice-natural bobsleigh run. All other runs of Europe, North America or Japan have to be artificially frozen. Olympic bobsleigh run (simply called bob run) is 1722m. long, it takes just 75 seconds to cover. In the track 135 km / h maximum speed and a power of up to 4.5 G can be achieved. It has been the venue of 2 Olympic competitions and numerous sport events.... [ More information ]


Activity. St. Moritz.

The curling is an ideal activity to play with a group of your friends or with the family. 2 teams of 4 people each are needed. The curling consists of ice rink with a target marked in its surface. The players take turns sliding various stones on the rink and try to get to the target as close as possible. The curling came to the Alps in 1880, and as could not be otherwise, St. Moritz was pioneer in offering this activity to the tourists, due to innovative spirit of the Badrutt Palace Hôtel. In St. Moritz and the surrounding area there are a lot of ice rinks to practise curling. If you want to reserve... [ More information ]


Activity. Switzerland.

HELISKIING DEPARTING FROM BEX* - Gumm, Walleg, Staldenhorn Fr. 250. - Gstellihorn, Tsanfleuron Fr. 290. - Wildhorn, Trient Glacier Fr. 330.- - Small Combination Fr. 380 - Pigne d'Arolla Fr. 430 *Price per person / Minimum 4 persons. The guide's fees and transport are not included in the price. included in our prices. Other destinations on request. Heliskiing is operated from Bex subject to a minimum of 2 full rotations. *Prices are per person for a minimum party of 4 Helicopter transportation of the mountain. guide and his daily fee not included. Other trips available upon request. Heliskiing is operated departure from Bex under the reserve of 2 full circuits. ... [ More information ]

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