Welcome to St. Moritz, the oldest ski station in the world. Enjoy your vacation in the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps: the cradle of winter tourism.
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*For any reservation through our concierge service, there is an admin fee which is charged in advance. The admin fee is non refundable and it is not any substitute of any other pre-payment in the invoice of our partners.


Start your holiday in St. Moritz with spectacular views of the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps. We ensure you that it is a landscape that you will not easily forget. All transfers are private, only you and your companions will travel on the board of the helicopter.

The helicopters can pick you up from any airport of the surroundings of the St. Moritz, from Swiss airports or ones of the neighbouring countries like Italy, Germany, Austria or France as well.

All the pilots are professional and have a wide experience in flying over the Upper Engadine, guaranteeing you an efficient and secure trip to your destination. The intimacy, privacy and anonymity of our customers is a top priority of all our services.

The helicopters land at the Samedan - Engadin Airport, situated at only 6 km far from the St. Moritz Ski Resort. Commercial flights do not land at this airport because of the limited length of the runway, but helicopters and private jets can land there.

For transfer between the Engadin Airport and the St. Moritz Ski Resort, our transfer service includes a luxury vehicle with chauffeur, who will take you to your accommodation. This car trip takes only 10 minutes.

To request a budget or more information about helicopter transfer, please fill in the following form or contact us. Our Reservations team will personally attend to you as soon as possible.

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