Welcome to St. Moritz, the oldest ski station in the world. Enjoy your vacation in the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps: the cradle of winter tourism.
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St. Moritz Guided tours

Make the most of your holiday in St. Moritz, and get to know everything about what the region can offer you. There are always some events or the cultural program to attend to, but if you want to take a private tour you also can hire a guide who will show you the Upper Engadine as never seen before.

The tours and excursions are personalized, therefore the options are endless. Next we inform you about some of the places of interest which we recommend you to include in your excursions:

Segantini Museum

Museum dedicated to Italian painter Giovanni Segantini, who spent the last 5 years of his life in Engadine. The Museum is cataloged as Heritage of National Significance of Switzerland.

Engadiner Museum

The Ethnographic Museum of the local history of St. Moritz. It exhibits the traditions of the people, the customs, the style of the typical houses, etc. Remains open for the whole year (except May and November).

Via Serlas Shopping

If you like fashion and glamour, do not hesitate to go on a pleasant walk through the Vía Serlas of St. Moritz, where you will find such top-level brands as Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Bernie’s, Escada, Prada or Jet Set, among many others. Different international brands of high prestige are collected in Vía Serlas to surprise even the most elite visitors of St. Moritz.

When fashion is concerned, the Vía Serlas may be compared with the Bahnhofstrasse street of Zurich or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

In addition to fashion, in Vía Serlas you also will be able to acquire high jewellery, designed furniture, select wines, champagne, and delicatessens.

Heidi Hut

The histories of Heidi are famous around the world. Generation after generation inevitably has ever heard about "girl of the Alps". This character was invented by the author Johanna Spyri during the 1880-1881, and her book is one of the most popular children’s stories in the history, and it is translated into 50 languages. In addition to the book the story has been represented in the comics, TV series, musicals, and one film, which was shot in St. Moritz.

It is now possible to visit the original hut which was used for the shooting of the film about Heidi. An ideal excursion to enjoy with the children.

Heidi hut is situated exactly in Salastrains, near St. Moritz.

Mili Weber House

The artist Mili Weber lived very close to the St. Moritz spas. She constructed her own wood house near the forest, with the help of her father and her brother. For years realizing diverse frescoes on the walls and ceilings, turning the property into a marvelous fantasy home. Now the house is open to the public to the memory of the artist.

Leaning Tower

During the 12th century a church was built in the very center of St. Moritz. In the year 1890 it was demolished, but one of its towers remained intact. Since then it has been preserved just as it was, with a height of 33 metres and inclination of 5,5 degrees. One of the most attractive sights of St. Moritz.

Bronze bust of Johannes Badrutt

The British artist Nicola Cox was entrusted to represent the bronze bust of Johannes Badrutt (1819 - 1889), a hotel pioneer of St. Moritz who gave rise to the winter in the Alps. The sculpture is situated just in front of the St. Moritz Tourism Office.

St. Moritz church

Neo-gothic style church is situated in the centre of St. Moritz Dorf. It was built during the 1785- 1787, although its actual appearance is the representation of the year 1897, the date on which it was completely reconstructed.

Bylandt Fountain

In memory of Jules Bylandt who died in 1908 in the Cresta Run. It is situated in front of the Hotel Kulm.

Mauritius Fountain

Fountain was built in the year 1910 in memory of Mauritius, leader of a Roman Legion and local Saint. It is situated in front of St. Moritz City Hall.

Chesa Futura

Modern outstanding building called "Chesa Futura", of the architect Norman Robert Foster.


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