Welcome to St. Moritz, the oldest ski station in the world. Enjoy your vacation in the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps: the cradle of winter tourism.
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Snowkiting / Snowkite Engadine

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Snowkiting or kite skiing is an outdoor winter sport where people use kite power to glide on snow or ice.
The skier uses a kite to give them power over large jumps.
The sport has become more diverse as adventurers use kites to travel great distances and sports enthusiasts push the boundaries of freestyle, big air, speed and back country exploration.

Snowkite Trainings

We offer something for everyone. For newcomers we recommend a 2-3 day course and for those who have already tried or come from the water there is a shortened "transition course":

    Preparation of equipment
    Mobile snowkiting school with main location Bernina Pass (70% north wind in winter), alternative Silvaplana / Furtschellas
    Training in small groups (max. 4 students/teachers) with radios
    Transition training for kitesurfers from the water
    In case of low wind the training takes place in higher areas, Hike & Snowkite Tour go for hike and kite up to the mountains and very interesting places. They need a Taxi/Rental Car/their own car to bring them each day up to the "windy place" and some gear for touring. Best is to be prepared with simple skis, Helmet and the regular warming Gear for wind protection. I usually ask everybody to bring a dawn jacket for the times we rest and sit down, eat/drink something... very quick we are sweating, but windchill is very high, better to have something warm, a thermos of Tee and something light to eat.


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