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Skydive at 5200m

Activity - Switzerland , St. Moritz

Ref: TGS-AC103

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Prepaeration and requirements

You do not need any prior knowledge for a tandem skydive. Your experienced tandem master explains the jump process and the parachute material. Afterwards you will be equipped for your jump. You should be at least 1.4 meters tall and have a maximum weight from 100 kg. In addition, you should have no problems with the back, neck, shoulders or pressure equalization.

Climb to 5200 meters

With our aircraft, a Cessna 208 Supervan, it takes about 12 minutes to get to the jumping altitude. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Engadine. Your tandem master explains agian the procedure and then it's time to jump...

The Skydive

The door opens and you, strapped to your tandems, jump out off the plane. You accelerate to about 200 km/h and you can enjoy the free fall for about 45 seconds. A breathtaking feeling with a brilliant view.

Der canopy flight

At about 1500 meters, the parachute opens and you can direct yourself the parachute with help from your tandem master. After about 7 minutes you will land gently at the airfield.

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